Society's Finest

So young and ready for life!!

Welcome to the part of the website - mostly under construction. BUT, until the final breath that I take, I will keep updating this website. Stay safe.


Society's Finets

the opening act for the opening act

Welcome to iPlayDrums.Net website - mostly under construction. Until its done, this is Society's Finest from back in 1992. Enjoy the throwback!


The drummer with a plan...

iPlayDrums.Net has been around for 27 years online promoting the current band I am playing with. Today, its 'break time' in the music world.


The Many Streams of

Covid is bullshit.

1 - Without A Trace

2 - Your Mama Don't Like Me

3 - Last Goodbye

4 - Endless Nights

5 - Something Between You & Me

6 - Break Away


staying alive and online